Dystopian: Our future is anything but.

Do You Remember … The Future?It’s not hard to view the world negatively when there is a plethora of dystopian movies, books and articles in the media. Films such as The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and Divergent tell stories about a world damaged by technology, society and disease. Television shows such as Black Mirror paint a bleak picture for the uses of technology and the internet. The episode “5 Million Merits” depicts a world where people are constantly surrounding by advertisements and have to spend their days pedaling bicycles to produce energy and gain ‘merits’. Such apocalyptic stories aren’t hard to relate to when talk of viruses such as Ebola spreading across the world are running rampant in the media.

However, I believe these dystopic depictions of our future largely ignore the positives of modern day technology. With new technological innovations occurring as we speak, I feel the future for mankind is anything but dystopian.

In the past week alone several articles have popped up in my Facebook newsfeed about some of these exciting technological advances.

Yesterday a friend shared on Facebook a Kickstarter campaign for hover boards. A concept mostly famous thanks to the film Back to The Future is now very real. With the ability to place these ideas and technology in the hands of anyone worldwide comes the ability to further develop the technology which could see hover boards made manifest and the technology doesn’t stop there. Consider the possibility of hover trains, hover cars and hover bicycles, the options are virtually limitless!

Many of the technological advancements being made currently are in the field of medicine. Recently I read an article about a man who had a tumor in his foot. In order to save it, doctors duplicated his heel bone from his healthy foot and used 3D printing technology in order to make the man a new heel bone.

Reading articles like these, it’s hard not to be excited about the future. The best part is being part of it and watching as the world becomes a place where almost anything is possible.


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